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A Secret History Of Witches
by Louisa Morgan

This book has it all, I enjoyed the long history, the war. I loved the stories being passed between mother to daughters. The writing just kept me turning the page and wanting to know more and what was coming next. The time line was grate got a good taste of history through out.

Summers At Castle Auburn
by Sharon Shinn

Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn is a pretty typical fantasy young adult novel; however, it is a good one--fun to read, well-paced and interesting, and different enough from its forbears in the genre to keep one guessing just enough. It was realistic in its depiction of people, showing character growth over a 4-5 year period but also, in a few characters, halting, backsliding, and other kinds of muddling or otherwise negative trends. I admit, now that I'm older I realize the realism in this, however much I hate seeing characters chose ugliness over beauty, unkindness over compassion. Still, the good guys win.
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